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Sports Injuries

Sports Injuries

This post is part of our Homeopathy Awareness Week series.

Many people now turn to Homeopathic remedies to treat simple injuries at home – such as grazes and cuts, muscle strain after exercise or bruising after falls. As part of the Homeopathy Awareness Week series we are sharing some of the most common Homeopathic remedies you can use for your family. As always, we advise you to seek medical help if your injury is serious.

When we hurt ourselves we naturally want to hold or rub the injured part – an instinctive reaction designed to both prevent further damage and improve circulation. With any injury the body’s healing mechanism produces symptoms such as swelling and bruising. These symptoms are a consequence of our blood circulation releasing clotting agents, oxygen and white blood cells to penetrate and heal the damaged tissue. So, my question is this: should we take over the counter drugs such as Ibuprofen which may interfere with our body’s natural healing response in the initial stages? Current science suggests that we should work in harmony with the body and not interfere with this important, early inflammatory response. Homeopathy works with the body’s innate intelligence and often speeds up the healing response; safely and effectively.

Arnica 30c An essential remedy in your first aid kit. Promotes healing, controls bleeding, reduces swelling. It treats the symptoms of shock and any injury which is worse for movement.

Hypericum 30c Injuries to nerve rich areas such as finger and toes, but also falls on the coccyx or spine.

Ruta grav 30c Injuries to bones, tendons or ligaments, eye strain, dry socket after dental extraction.

Rhus tox 30c Also used for tendon and ligaments, usually following over exertion. Injuries to bones near the skin surface i.e. shins. The injury is better for continued movement and warmth.

Hepar sulph 30c Wounds which are inflamed with redness and pus i.e. foreign body such as a splinter.

Ledum 30c Puncture wounds, lacerations, bites. A must for gardeners and people working outdoors.

For advice on prescribing Homeopathy for your family please contact Kim Kinsella RSHom on T. 07746 799 536.

Helios Pharmacy supply specialist Homeopathic kits such as Basic 36 and Accident and Emergency kits. To order email or Tel. 01892 537254

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