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Homeopathy for mental and emotional health

In this article I want to briefly discuss mental and emotional health and where I see Homeopathy can support patients. Anxiety, depression and other nervous disorders are very common health problems, affecting over 150 million people worldwide. Treatment strategies are dependent on the severity of the problem and may involve anti-depressants, cognitive behavioral therapy, mindfulness, psychotherapy or counselling. Complementary therapies such as Homeopathy, are also frequently sought by people with mental and emotional health issues as a supportive option alongside conventional medical care.

The body-mind-spirit link is increasingly accepted in conventional medical circles and there is significant evidence to support the idea that how we feel psychologically can have a direct impact on your physical health. Emotional stress caused by grief, shock, abandonment i.e. divorce, mental exhaustion can leave us feeling burnt out and prone to illness. Long term, irresolvable stress, is linked to a compromised immune system and an increased risk of developing obesity, diabetes, cancer and heart disease.

Stress, depression, grief and anxiety represent a significant proportion of the problems that people seek homeopathic consultations for across Europe. Several observational studies have reported positive results when patients receive homeopathic treatment under real life conditions. For example, an audit of a UK homeopathic clinic revealed that more than 84% of patients reported an improvement in their anxiety and depression, alongside an improvement in their overall sense of wellbeing. In other studies patients have reported that insomnia and stress have improved.

Homeopathy treats the person as a whole, rather than treating a medical condition in isolation. This makes it an excellent adjunctive therapy when supporting people experiencing mental and emotional problems. In my Homeopathy clinic patients frequently express their sense of isolation when they receive a medical diagnosis and they worry about the reaction of family, friends and employers to the label that has been given to them. Other patients have a strong feeling of ‘not fitting in’, lacking in confidence or feeling emotionally hypersensitive. Or they may be battling with anger or guilt in the wake of a personal life event. In such instances, patients worry that a visit to a GP may be inappropriate at best, or at worse they may feel like they are wasting their doctor’s time. In such instances a Homeopath can really help by creating a healing space where a person can feel they are listened to and treated as an individual. As a result a patient will often reach an understanding of themselves and their situation that was previously inaccessible – often with life changing effects.

It is recommended that you maintain your relationship with your doctor, especially if you have a diagnosed mental health condition. Homeopathy can be used alongside conventional approaches, but it is recommended that you inform your GP that you are receiving Homeopathic medicines.

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