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Could Homeobotanical or HomeoHerbal Therapy help you?​​​​


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A New Way With Herbs

Homeobotanical & HomeoHerbal Therapy is a new form of natural therapy that was developed in New Zealand in 1984. These remedies are prepared from liquid herbal extracts and then diluted and potentized in the Homeopathic manner. The resulting remedies are displaying healing qualities which are remarkable. A new healing energy has been discovered which promises a low cost, gentle acting, reliable and 100% natural way to regain and maintain good health.

Homeobotanical Therapy is a ‘core therapy’ or one which is universally helpful. Each blend can be prepared in a unique way to suit each client. The herbal liquid can also be added to cream, gels and oils – ideal for skin care and for healing skin conditions. Homeopathic remedies and Flower Essences can be used alongside Homeobotanical Therapy or added to the blend in order to create a bespoke prescription.

Homeobotanical and HomeoHerbal remedies have three distinct actions on the body:


Physical Action includes organ drainage or stimulation and elimination of toxins from specific organs in the body. There is a nutritional component, which assists in the assimilation of minerals and other micronutrients and a synergistic action which reinforces whatever other healing techniques are being employed.

The Dynamic Action arises from the Homeopathic potentization and enable these remedies to directly stimulate healing within the body. The low potency adopted produces a gently, sustained response resulting in remarkably few problems in sensitive people.

Amphoteric Action describes the self-balancing action of these remedies. The Homeopathic mechanism must be able to sedate hyperactive physiology and stimulate hypoactive function. Throughout the Homeopathic provings, especially those of the great polycrests such as Sulphur and China off., we find in the same remedy symptoms of fever and chills, constipation, and diarrhoea, dry and damp, elated and depressed, pain and numbness etc. Each remedy produces a therapeutic response which coaxes the metabolism either way back into balance. Unlike Allopathic medicine, Homeopathic remedies have no physical or pharmacological power to bring about metabolic change. Thus, they must be directly stimulating the natural healing processes in the body, or they could not work at all.

As with Homeopathic Medicine, Homeobotanical and HomeoHerbal remedies are effective in both acute and chronic disease. During your consultation we will discuss any lifestyle, nutritional or environmental influences on your health. Consultations last between 40-90

Homeobotanical & HomeoHerbal Therapy are not intended as a substitute for medical advice or treatment.  If you are unsure, or have any concerns, please consult your GP first.

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