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We're available Mon-Fri 09:00-18:00 on 07746 799536 or alternatively, follow the link below to email us.

What do others say?


"Kim has successfully treated myself and my family for over 5 years. During this time she has addressed symptoms as varied as asthma, hay fever and allergic reactions. For my children she has been applying Bowen techniques to support orthodontic work; reducing pain and shortening the treatment time in each case. For myself she has treated me with Bowen, Homeopathy and Yoga. I receive regular maintenance for hip problems and sciatica and have been supported through great grief and stressful times through Homeopathy. These a just a few of the family ailments Kim has treated. Her knowledge, therapies and support have been a life line to our family." 

- A.B. Yoga Teacher and Proud Mum


"Kim is a highly skilled professional who shows enormous care and integrity for every area of work and people she is involved with. She is very observant, thorough and careful in everything she does."

- M.L. High School Teacher


"Kim is a highly professional and intuitive practitioner. I would recommend her to friends, family and clients and have made direct referrals for clients and patients in my Practice when they have needed additional treatment or advice in her fields of expertise. She is considered in her consultations and she has the most wonderful gift of making you feel supported and listened to." 

- H.M. Therapist


"Since 2006 I have invested in Kim's services for a number of personal and professional projects. She is an expert in her chosen fields and quick to respond to any requests. She is always flexible in her approach and will ensure that her instructions are clear, concise and easy to follow; this goes for her teachings in yoga, her homeopathy and Bowen Therapy. I continue to tap into her knowledge and experience, and I will be using her services regularly in the future."

- S.L. Author & Success and Well-being Coach

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